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Ces quatre salles à manger en serres plantent le décor. Inside, succulents and suspended plants mingle with repurposed natural accents, from wooden crate bar shelves to driftwood light fixtures. Forget mints — pocket a packet of complimentary seeds on your way out. Et, au lieu de menthes, repartez avec un sachet de graines. Come to this eclectic all-day brasserie for weekend brunch served until 4 p. Order a salad with fresh, leafy greens and design your own tea infusion using flowers and herbs like pineapple sage from the greenhouse garden.


A thousand local artisans spent five years crafting every detail, from the carved teak furnishings to the hand-painted wall designs. What we loved The house sitar player who provides the daytime soundtrack. Roosevelt, since

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Touki Bouki

With Juelle Daley, Center for Black Diaspora, DePaul University Senegalese Director Djibril Diop Mambety had never attempted a feature-length film before making Touki Bouki when he was only twenty-eight - a boldness reminiscent of the Nouvelle Incertain upstarts from a decade earlier, whose dynamic, counter-cultural influence on the pellicule is evident. The two indulge moderne colorful fantasies of their future wealth, which contrast starkly with unpleasant episodes - the uncensored slaughter of a steer, or the kidnapping of Mory by a group of student activists, for instance. Mambéty only made two films, before dying at an early age of lung cancer. Touki Bouki, however, has been heralded as one of the best films ever to emerge from Africa. Juelle Daley is an avid lover of photography and regular consumer of independent and universel films. She maintains a deep attachment to the art and culture of both France and China after both her undergraduate and graduate studies. She was also French-trained in the area of European Urban History, Planning and Architecture while residing in France juridiction an extended period of time. Are you ready to be swept away?

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See This Month's Events, above, for details on special screenings! All titles listed in alphabetical order, with special dates given in red. Luc Besson. Moroccan-born comic meets suicide blond as both prepare to jump in the Traîne. Opening June 1, ! Red Vic, SF, Economic injustice on trial in the capital of Mali. Henry Levin,