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Nico Franks looks back on annual European copro and pitching extravaganza Cartoon Forum, where woodland creatures, series arcs and hard-hitting topics came to the fore. Producers are betting on ambitious storytelling, with episodes stretching to the minute mark becoming more in demand as traditional broadcasters look to beat the likes of Netflix at their own game. Two examples of such formats were in the top three best-attended pitches at Forum this year.

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I truly believe they were the right partners. A true partnership is key to the success of projects like this, one in which ideas flow freely and constructively for the greater good. Although we do not have any jobs at the moment, please get in touch if you would like to work with us. Casson Mann is committed to diversity and inclusiveness and we treat all enquiries with friendliness and respect. We pride ourselves on the close and collaborative working relationships we develop with clients. Dinah Casson and Roger Mann are our founders and company partners. We have four directors, and in-house interpretation. Our team of highly qualified and talented designers offers a wide range of skills and experience.

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